Martine Dowden

CTO and Founder, UX / UI Designer & Developer, International Speaker, GDE, MVP

Martine Dowden has degrees in both Psychology, and Design and Visual Communications, which she uses to develop amazing user experiences and user interfaces. She specializes in web accessibility, and has years of experience in leadership, marketing, design, and development. In addition to being the CTO of Andromeda, Martine is also an international conference speaker, a published author, is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.

Latest Posts

  • Creating Custom List Styles
    June 2022
    Bulleted lists on the web come with default styles. What if we wanted to use emojis instead of the boring standard bullet points? Let's take a look at how we would create that.
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  • The Importance of Using Language Attributes
    January 2022
    Language attributes can not only help our User Experience but also our SEO. Let's explore the options and the benefits.
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  • Tables Have Their Place
    January 2022
    Tables being used for layout and difficult to contend with on mobile have resulted in their decreased use on the web. Using media queries we can use a basic HTML table and make it work well on narrow and wide screens alike.
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  • Fixing Misbehaving Floats
    October 2021
    Sometimes, the best solution for a layout is to use CSS float, but what do we do when it misbehaves and we don’t want to use hacks like clearfix, or randomly inserted tags with clear=“both”? We can use display:flow-root. Let’s look at how it’s done.
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  • Pluralsight - CSS Encapsulation in Angular
    September 2018
    Our CTO, Martine Dowden, published an article on Pluralsight.
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