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Shannon Marti

LMT, Educator, Seeker


I am a versatile individual, with an interesting mix of background knowledge and education. Early on in my professional life, I spent many years working in retail as I worked my way through several years of college. Upon receiving my degree, I transitioned into music education in the public school system here in Colorado. While working with students was incredibly rewarding, I ultimately decided I needed to move away from education as a profession, at which point I decided to pursue massage therapy as a career. Unfortunately, the coinciding of both some health issues and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in my decision to move away from the massage field as an income generator.

As such, I'd say I now fall into the recently-coined category of the "pixelated professional." I enjoy working as an administrative assistant to the executive officers of Andromeda Galactic Solutions, a "premier provider of software products, technology services, and professional training." I am also a content creator looking to continue to grow and build my Twitch channel, as well as branching out into other content platforms.

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