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Our award-winning and patent-pending products are a result of our amazing team and our hyper-focus on building profitable and value-added solutions for our community.

Ignition CMS

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Ignition is a headless CMS that runs on Firebase, designed with both developers and content administrators in mind. Use our developer tools or the Firebase SDK to export data to both static and mobile applications.

About Ignition CMS

Manage Your Branding with Cirrostyle

Cirrostyle is our solution to a problem we faced: how to manage your brand and digital assets with internal and external team members so branding is consistent and easily accessible. Through Cirrostyle, you have control over brand colors, typography, and sizing of images. Filterable tags make it easy to find artifacts, and you’re able to keep all of your brand information organized by clients and projects.

Cirrostyle creates a shareable source of trust for all your brand information and assets.

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Contactless Parking & Lot Monetization with FlexePark

FlexePark helps business owners monetize their unused, after-hours parking by leveraging the power of FlexePark to open those valuable parking spaces to anyone who needs them simply by switching their "No Parking" signs to FlexePark sign. Customers don't have to interact with dirty kiosks, exchange money with after-hours parking attendants, or download clunky apps to park; instead, they can use their phone and patent-pending technology to park and pay within minutes.

Many of us at Andromeda are gamers, so it’s only natural that one of our breakthrough products gives us the game management experience we wish we had. Lore Link is an online Tabletop Role Playing Game (TTRPG) campaign management tool, designed to reduce the friction involved in creating, editing, organizing, and running games. Our goal is to make tabletop gaming more widely accessible to all players regardless of age, ability, system, or experience."

Lore Link is in early release and available to the public. Visit the website to learn more.

Speak at More Conferences with Tech Daily CFP

Tech Daily CFP is a solution to a problem we faced as frequent conference speakers: how to keep track of open CFPs (Call for Presenters/Speakers). Sign up today to receive a daily CFP digest in your inbox from tech conferences around the world.

Have an idea for a mobile or web app?

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