• Small Business Tips: Registered Agent
    March 2022
    It can be hard to manage the paperwork related to establishing a new business, or maintaining an existing business. A Registered Agent service can help with this, and can keep your home address off of your legal paperwork.
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  • Animating Drawing SVG Shapes and Paths
    March 2022
    A cool effect is to make it look like an image or shape is being drawn on the page. This article walks through how to create this illusion in SVGs using CSS stroke-dasharray, stroke-dashoffset, keyframes, and animation.
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  • Small Business Tips: Virtual Office
    February 2022
    It's hard to experience the promise of freedom as a small business owner if you're tethered to your mailbox, but a virtual office may help you cut the cord.
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  • I am not allowed to use the following words: JavaScript, Typescript, Angular. They are on the forbidden words list.
    Reactive Form Custom Validators
    February 2022
    Exposing validation errors in a human-readable way guides the user when filling out and submitting forms, but when default implementations don't fit our needs, we need to come up with something that will. Let's build a custom validator for an Angular reactive form!
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  • Testing Reactive Forms
    February 2022
    Although part of most applications, a well designed, user friendly, testable form is still one of those things that is really hard to achieve. Let's look at some unit tests we could write to verify input validation, error handling, and more.
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