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Michael Dowden is a guest on the CodingCatDev Podcast

Title screen from the podcast. Firebase Security Rules - effortless control over your app's data, with Michael Dowden. Shows the coding cat logo, Firebase logo, and a photo of Michael.

Borrowed from the podcast

Recently, Andromeda founder and Firebase GDE Michael Dowden was a guest on Alex Patterson’s podcast. While on this podcast, Michael discussed how he got started with programming, and why and how Firebase became a widely used feature in Michael’s work. He went on to discuss why Firebase security rules can be effective in an app, stating that they allow for better data security and privacy compliance, prevent accidental data loss, and improve performance.

“Firebase Security Rules are a powerful feature that allows you to control access to your app’s data in Firebase Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, and Cloud Storage. By defining these rules, you can ensure that only authorized users can read, write, and update your data. This helps to protect your app from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.”

Alex is the founder of, a community for Web development, podcasts, and courses. He is a Firebase GDE, an AWS Community Builder for front-end web, Cloudinary Ambassador, and Ambassador. Alex’s day job is as a Developer Relations Engineer where he gets to write code, create technology videos, speak at conferences and host amazing people at meet-ups. Visit Alex on X:

You can watch the podcast here:

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