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One-Page Accessibility Review

Every business needs a website -- but more importantly, they need a website that looks great, is usable by everyone, and keeps their clients safe. Our team of experts can help you put your best foot forward online with a thorough assessment of your website or app in its most vital areas. We look at a variety of best practices and use a combination of automated and manual testing across a sampling of pages of your website.

While 1 in 6 people–at least 1.3 billion people globally–live with significant disability (World Health Organization, 2023), 96% of website home pages had detected WCAG 2 failures with an average 56.8 errors per page tested (WebAIM, 2024). This is a tremendous discrepancy that marginalizes hundreds of millions of people.

Sign up by May 31, 2024 for our Accessibility Audit with Findings Report for a single publicly-available page of your website (a $700 value) for $0. We'll test this page against the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) at the AA Level by utilizing automated and manual testing across a range of devices.

$0 Web Page Evaluation

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