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Every business needs a website -- but more importantly, they need a website that looks great, is usable by everyone, and keeps their clients safe. Our team of experts can help you put your best foot forward online with a thorough assessment of your website or app in its most vital areas. We look at a variety of best practices and use a combination of automated and manual testing across a sampling of pages of your website.


We'll test your website or app against the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) utilize devices including keyboard, mouse, touch screen, and screen reader in our audit to ensure maximum access to all users.


One of the biggest sources of user frustration is poor load times, especially in today's mobile world where we're frequently switching from WiFi to cellular networks while on the go. We'll make sure that your clients aren't left out in the cold waiting for pages to load or messages to send while they're using your website.


Shoring up your online defenses against malicious attackers is more attainable than you think. We'll identify potential attack surfaces and show you how best practices can be easily implemented to keep your clients -- and your business -- safe from the darker side of the web.


You want your customers to find your website, which is where our Search Engine Optimization audit comes in. We look at your websites content and metadata, review your analytics and search rankings, and compare these with search engine and industry analyst recommendations.


We can look for common pain points and showcase any additional areas in which your application can be easier to use and navigate to better meet the assumptions and expectations of your customers. This audit includes a combination of customer interviews, customer surveys, analytics, and a hands-on expert review of the application or website.


Once you hire us to review your site, what will you receive?

Findings Report

This report includes a high-level status for the various audit areas, and includes a more detailed list of any items needing attention, along with any comments from the reviewer.

Remediation Plan

This is an extremely detailed report that describes the fixes and changes necessary to achieve a clean audit. This will include the failures, common fixes, acceptance criteria, and personalized recommendations from our reviewers.

Accessibility Conformance Report

The ACR is a detailed document produced following the VPAT, describing the conformance level of each WCAG criteria, along with any notes on conditions or exceptions that may occur. This is a document that you can publish on your website and share with your clients and customers. An ACR can only be produced after a comprehensive accessibility audit of your entire website or application, and should be renewed annually, or after every major software update.


Pointing out areas of resolution is one thing, but once everything is fixed you'll need to confirm that the fixes resolve the issues. After performing remediation, we’ll perform a second audit at half-price to verify that all expected fixes meet expectations and that no other issues have been revealed.

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At Arana Software we like to say, “We make awesome!” because that is the kind of experience we want our clients to have with each and every product and service we provide. Working with outstanding companies like Andromeda Galactic Solutions helps us achieve that goal. Our long term collaboration with Andromeda as our third-party auditors for accessibility has proven to be invaluable. Their expertise and professionalism mean we can trust their team to thoroughly analyze our code in order to ensure we meet the standards of best practices within the industry. Andromeda always provides clear, in-depth reporting and helps us tailor services that work for our clientele. Making awesome products and services is always our aim but we simply could not do it without people like the team at Andromeda Galactic Solutions.

Jay Harris, Arana Software