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Public Cloud for Public Good Podcast
Making your business carbon neutral with Michael Dowden

Making your business carbon neutral - Michael Dowden. Public Cloud for Public Good Podcast.

Public Cloud for Public Good is a bi-weekly newsletter and podcast focused on making the world a better place. Whether that’s making peoples lives better, building services in the public & third sectors or thinking about coding more sustainably. This podcast is hosted by Aerin Booth, a Cloud Sustainability Consultant based in the UK.

Aerin started the Public Cloud for Public Good bi-weekly podcast because he was frustrated with the idea of a personal carbon footprint when it comes to fighting climate change. He wanted to start talking about how to use cloud services effectively, sustainably, and ethically.

This week Aerin is joined by Michael Dowden, international keynote speaker, Founder of Andromeda Galactic Solutions, and President of FlexePark. As a leader with almost 30 years in the technology industry, he has worked alongside more than 100 companies to build human-centered solutions. Today we discuss the future of technology, coding and how he has set up his businesses to be more carbon neutral.

During this episode they talked about Serverless Architecture, Parking, and the Sharing Economy. Michael talked about his shared-parking startup FlexePark that started him down the path of considering sharing as a type of reuse and optimization, in both the physical and digital worlds. He also talked about some of the implications of serverless platforms, and how to incorporate sustainability into an overall product design.


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