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Developer on Fire - Autonomy and People

Our founder Michael Dowden talks with Dave Rael of Developer on Fire about business, people, writing, speaking, and lifestyle design.

Covered topics:

  • - A changing and changed focus from technology to people
  • - How Michael got started in software
  • - The value of degrees
  • - Multiple foci and staying Michael on staying in programming
  • - Michael, the conference speaker
  • - Michael's experience with being an author
  • - Michael's lifestyle and businesses
  • - The joy of board games and prioritizing activities you enjoy
  • - Michael's story of failure - a filed startup and the emotional explosion of not communicating a valuing of opinions
  • - Michael's book recommendations
  • - Prioritizing lifestyle over tasks and achievements
  • - Michael's success story - finishing a book, autonomy of time, and shifting from things to people
  • - Achieving autonomous liberty
  • - Michael's top 3 tips for delivering more value

Listen to the podcast on Developer on Fire: Episode 377 | Michael Dowden - Autonomy and People


Overview of our specialties including: accessibility, angular, CSS, design, and Firebase

License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Creative Commons)