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Shared Parking Options Now Available For Mass Avenue Businesses
FlexePark has partnered with The Art Bank and Jungclaus-Campbell to expand parking availability along Massachusetts Avenue

Local startup FlexePark has been adding much-needed parking spots to Indianapolis over the past few months, and more recently have focused their efforts on Massachusetts Avenue with the help of The Art Bank and Jungclaus-Campbell. FlexePark transforms parking spaces that would otherwise be designated as no parking zones after business hours into usable spots for customers who need them, all without needing additional construction or funding from taxpayers. Massachusetts Avenue, more commonly referred to as Mass Ave, is renowned as an art district and a hotbed of unique nightlife that attracts visitors from all over. With so much traffic going in and out of the area, parking spaces are at a premium. FlexePark reached out to The Art Bank and local construction firm Jungclaus-Campbell to find a solution for the parking problem. That solution was FlexePark’s innovative shared parking system, which allows drivers to scan a QR code on the special sign and pay securely through a web-based app using their mobile device, all without needing to download any additional software. Parking fees through this system are a flat rate, meaning that once a driver has paid, they won’t have to interrupt their night out by rushing back out to add more time to their space. Thanks to the efforts of these three local businesses, the Mass Ave community is now more open and accessible for all, driving revenue for other businesses in the area as well. Business owners on Mass Ave or beyond eager to become a local hero themselves can email or visit to become a FlexePark partner and join the shared parking revolution.

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