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Andromeda Galactic’s Lore Link Software Successfully Funded
The TTRPG Campaign Management System reached 111% of their goal

Lore Link, the tabletop role-playing game campaign management tool, recently reached their initial funding goal via Kickstarter. Starting on June 22nd, 2023, the Kickstarter campaign was run over the course of Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, and wrapped up just a week before Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a goal of $5,000 to assist with web design and development costs, Lore Link wrapped on July 29th, 2023, having met 111% of the goal, with 119 backers.

Having successfully completed their Kickstarter, the Lore Link team, led by Mark Della-Croce, is working to have the tool ready for early access by their supporters this October, with the goal of a full release aiming for early 2024.

Lore Link is a premium-quality TTRPG management tool for Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Storytellers, and Keepers of all types. Lore Link lets you quickly and easily build out your campaign, and create events, locations, items, NPC, and more, without losing your train of thought. Lore Link has multiple tools that help make campaign management easier, including content linking to help create a narrative flow through a campaign, an image library for adding art to new NPCs, game objects, or locations, a map system, and a way to help plan out upcoming sessions.

Lore Link is currently available for late pledges on BackerKit, allowing latecomers the ability to join the early access period, and then roll their account into an active Lore Link account when the software goes live. To learn more about the BackerKit, and help support Lore Link, you may visit the site at

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