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Serverless Architecture Conference, London 2024

London city scape, showing off the curves and geometric angles of the skyscrapers

Photo by Michael Dowden

Last week our founder Michael Dowden traveled to London for the Serverless Architecture Conference. Michael has been involved in the Devmio conference series since 2019 as a speaker, also serving on the advisory board for the serverless events.

Showing the behind-the-scenes setup for the live presentation Go Live featuring one laptop and extra screen showing the presentation slides and speaker notes with another laptop shows the Zoom call and chat window for online participants.

Behind-the-scenes of a conference presentation

Tuesday was a big day at the event, starting with a morning talk, Go Live: Releasing software to your users, for DevOpsCon and followed up with an afternoon talk, Designing a Serverless App, for Serverless Architecture Conference.

As he likes to do while traveling, Michael took the opportunity to see a few sights around London, spending an entire day walking along the Thames and visiting the Tower of London followed by the Tower Bridge.

Photo of the Tower of London taken from across the river to show off the walls around the white tower

Tower of London

Selfie of Michael in front of the Tower of London

Michael Dowden

View of the Tower Bridge in London showing the beautiful stone towers and blue-and-white painted roadway and supporting cables

Tower Bridge

Thursday was the event's last day, culminating in the Advanced Serverless Workshop where Michael partnered with Chad Green and Lee Priest to cover software design and architecture topics interesecting with GCP, AWS, and Azure.

Chad Green presenting the Advanced Serverless Workshop

Chad Green

Lee Priest presenting the Advanced Serverless Workshop

Lee Priest

Next month Michael will be joined by our founder & CTO, Martine Dowden, in San Diego where they speak at DevOpsCon and the International JavaScript Conference. Expect pictures of blue skies and palm trees in an upcoming post-conference blog post.

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