No Dogma Podcast - Serverless Computing and Getting Started with Firebase

Andromeda CEO, Michael Dowden, was featured on the No Dogma Podcast to discuss how we built FlexePark as a completely serverless application with Firebase.


  • Who he is, what he does.
  • What is serverless computing, how it differs from traditional and container-based computing.
  • What Firebase is, its ecosystem ; where the business logic lives.
  • Progressive web apps, languages you can use with Firebase. Where Firebase "lives".
  • Why Michael chose Firebase.
  • Storing data, real-time database, cloud Firestore.
  • Accessing other data and API's.
  • Firebase suite of tools, authentication, and authorization "Implement OAuth in 15 minutes with Firebase", using authentication by itself.
  • Crashlytics and track.js. Configuration tools.
  • Deploying your application, easy app rollbacks.
  • How much it costs.


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