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Martine Dowden Co-Authors “Tiny CSS Projects”
She co-authored a new book that helps develop CSS skills

Andromeda Galactic Founder and CTO Martine Dowden co-authored a new book with Michael Gearon that has recently been published under the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP), with plans to fully publish in the summer of 2023.

Tiny CSS Projects develops your CSS skills through 12 delightfully creative mini-projects. Each project sets you up with a premade HTML skeleton for you to use as a foundation for your work. You’ll build up your portfolio of common and useful web designs, including a loading screen, an eCommerce checkout, and animated social media buttons. As you tackle each tiny project, you’ll learn about animation, transitions, layout, styling forms, and even typography. All the skills you master are easy to transfer to full-size applications!

Martine Dowden is an author, international speaker, and the award-winning CTO of Andromeda Galactic Solutions. Her expertise includes psychology, design, art, accessibility, education, consulting, and software development. Tiny CSS Projects is her 4th book about web technologies and draws from 15 years of experience building web interfaces that are beautiful, functional, and accessible. For her community contributions Martine has been awarded as both a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular.

Michael Gearon is a user experience designer and frontend developer from Wales, UK. He studied BSc Media Technology at the University of South Wales while practicing coding and design. Since then Mike has worked with well-known UK brands—including Go.Compare and in the Civil Service at Companies House and Government Digital Service (GDS)—to improve the interaction between the user and services and looking at the overall flow as well as the individual design elements.

To purchase this book, in either print or electronic format, please visit:

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