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Michael Dowden Speaking at the Angular Community Meetup
Presentation will cover web automation using Zapier integration

Andromeda founder and CEO Michael Dowden will be giving a talk in English for the Europe and Africa edition of the Angular Community Meetup. The talk is titled ZAP! API Integrations with Zapier and will discuss web automation using Zapier. The talk will help the listener learn from real-world examples how to quickly build automation and 3rd party API integrations using cloud platforms like Zapier. Michael will use Tech Daily CFP, a service that helps people keep track of CFPs on Twitter and through an email digest, as an example. At the end of Michael’s talk the listener will know how to quickly and easily create web automation and integrations using a no-code solution with Zapier. The presentation will run from 11:00am to 1:00pm MDT on July 20th, is held online, and is free to attend.

The meetup is powered by ng-conf, the Angular Conference. Ng-conf, formerly the AngularJS Utah Meetup, has been meeting since October of 2013 and over the course of the past year started online meetups in response to the pandemic. These events aim to provide the Angular Community with the ability to connect with others and to provide more learning opportunities. This conference is sponsored by ng-conf, HeroDevs, and To learn more about the organization, the Angular Community Meetup has a website:, and a Twitter:

This meetup is for Angular developers, especially in Europe and Africa. This specific event will feature a presentation about building web automation and API integrations using Zapier.

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