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Michael Dowden Speaking at DevOpsCon 2023 Singapore
The Andromeda Galactic Founder will be flying to Singapore to give three talks

Andromeda Galactic Solutions co-founder and advisor Michael Dowden will be giving three talks at DevOpsCon Singapore in December 2023.

In addition to helping create Andromeda Galactic Solutions, Michael is an international keynote speaker, author, and software architect with decades of experience in the software industry. With degrees in computer science and entrepreneurship, Michael has worked with more than 100 companies and he has been awarded as a Microsoft MVP and Google Developer Expert, and he will be bringing this expertise to Singapore on December 11th.

First, from 14:00 - 14:45 on Monday, December 11th, Michael will give his first talk, Go Live: Releasing Software to Your Users. In the description, he states “In DevOps, we spend a lot of time discussing the best way to deploy software and the various ways to monitor our deployed application, but sometimes we overlook the release process. When we release software we’re not so much performing an engineering task as we are supporting a business function with technical expertise. In this talk, we’ll break down some of the objectives of a release along with the corresponding product and business activities and how we can leverage DevOps to support them. We’ll talk about the importance of UX and how our approach to releases can impact our users.”

Wrapping up the day on the 11th, from 16:30 - 17:15, Michael will present Winning as the Home Team. Michael describes the talk in the conference description: “The process of building Great Software can be broken down to a number of processes and attributes that center around communication. From requirements to code to documentation, standups to retrospectives, we build our software teams around specific interactions and communication channels. The typical picture of a software team shows a group of people collaborating around a marker board in a room full of computers. But is this really necessary? This talk will break down the processes of building software together as a team, and show how things change when you are no longer sharing the same room. You will learn about the practices and tools one company uses to successfully run remote-only software projects, with developers that work from home. From leadership styles, to meeting schedules, to coding practices, we’ll get into specifics about what it takes to be a winning team when everyone is working from home.”

Finally, on Tuesday, December 12th from 14:00-14:45, he will be giving his talk, Designing a Serverless App. Michael describes it here. "Recently, concerns over the cost, complexity, and maintainability of serverless solutions seem to be growing. The ever-increasing number of available services and a growing ecosystem can further increase the confusion or perceived risk of going serverless. This talk will build on 7 years of experience building and maintaining serverless solutions to walk through the ground-up design of a brand-new serverless application. We’ll discuss common questions and concerns including data architecture, security, cost, and maintainability. The solution will be shown using a combination of system diagrams, as well as platform and code examples in Firebase and Google Cloud.”

To see the rest of the schedule and get more details, visit the DevOpsCon Singapore Website:

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