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Michael Dowden Gives One Workshop and Two Talks at Serverless Architecture
He will be speaking in person at the Hybrid conference in Berlin

Andromeda Founder and CEO Michael Dowden will be speaking in person at Serverless Architecture Berlin, a hybrid technology conference running from October 17 through October 19 in Berlin, Germany.

First, on October 17, from 9:00 - 17:00 CEST (3:00am EDT), Michael Dowden will be giving a workshop with two other speakers, Chad Green and Sheen Brisals. This interactive workshop will give attendees the chance to interact with experienced serverless professionals and get three different perspectives on how they can level up your serverless architecture. During this workshop, attendees will learn new approaches and design patterns, hear stories from the trenches about what worked (and what didn’t), gain perspective on aspects such as cost, performance, scalability, and resilience, and look at examples covering AWS Lambda, Azure Function, and Google Functions.

Then, on October 18, from 18:00 - 18:45 CEST (12:00pm EDT), Michael will be giving his talk, Serverless API with Firebase. This talk will show how to build a variety of API endpoints with Cloud Functions, including some operational details such as resource allocation, available instances, run time, and middleware integration.

Finally, on October 19, from 10:15 - 11:00 CEST (4:15am EDT), Michael will give his third talk of this conference, Serverless Integration with Zapier. During this talk, attendees will learn about responding to cloud events such as HTTPS endpoints and Tweets, connecting multiple APIs such as MailChimp and HubSport, how @TechDailyCFP was built using cloud tools without a single line of code, and the benefits and drawbacks of cloud automation tools.

To learn more about the conference and sign up for either online or in-person tickets, click here:

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