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Martine Dowden Gives a Presentation for the Southwest Valley .NET User Group
The Andromeda Founder and CTO discusses making deliberate design choices

Andromeda Galactic Founder and CTO Martine Dowden will be speaking online with the Southwest Valley .NET User Group on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022. She will be presenting, Moving Beyond Pretty: Making deliberate design choices, where she discusses principles of design and ties this into building software, including user experience and accessibility.

An award-winning CTO, UX/UI designer and developer, international speaker, and author, Martine focuses on web interfaces that are beautiful, functional, and accessible. She approaches user experience from both art and science perspectives, drawing from her degrees in psychology and visual communications. She has worked as a developer, artist, educator, and consultant since 2005. In recognition of her work in the community, she was awarded and still maintains Google Developer Expert (GDE) status and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). In 2015, she published a children’s book, Programming Languages ABC++, of which the workbook edition sold over 20,000 copies in 2016. She then went on to write Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success, which was released in June 2019, and Architecting CSS: The Programmer’s Guide to Effective Stylesheets in 2020. Currently, she is the CTO at Andromeda Galactic Solutions where she continues to learn, work on, and share her passion for front end development.

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