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Martine and Michael Dowden attend ng-conf in Salt Lake City
They will be running hands-on sessions during the conference

Andromeda Founders Martine and Michael Dowden will be attending ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 30th through September 1, 2022.

Martine and Michael will run a hands-on session starting at 9:00am MDT on Thursday, August 1, titled Write Once, Run Anywhere With an Angular PWA. For almost as long as we have had computers there has been a dream of writing applications one time and running them on a wide range of consumer devices. Thanks to the web, this dream is more realistic than ever through the use of Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs. In this workshop they’ll expand on the audience’s existing knowledge of Angular development to help them build and deploy a Progressive Web Application that can be installed on desktop and mobile devices. The audience will learn how to configure their app as a PWA, including cross-device styling, and they’ll use Firebase to add push notifications and deploy the app to the public.

Martine will run another hands-on session starting at 11:00 am MDT on Thursday, August 1, titled, Testable Angular Forms. Let’s not kid ourselves, the vast majority of applications are CRUD apps. However, even though it is a part of most applications, a well designed, user friendly testable form is still one of those things that is really hard to achieve. There are so many factors to remember: validation, accessibility, UX, and content organization. Although as developers we create them often, it is easy to forget a piece. In this workshop the group will use Angular Reactive forms to create an accessible, testable form and then use unit tests to make sure that the form works as intended. Finally they will go over tools and techniques to make sure the form is accessible. To learn more about ng-conf and get tickets, visit their website:

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