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Lore Link Joins the Andromeda Portfolio of Products
Mark Della-Croce and Andromeda Galactic Solutions Unite on Lore Link

Lore Link is an online campaign management tool for Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs), designed to reduce the friction involved in creating, editing, organizing, and running games. The goal is to make tabletop gaming more widely accessible to players regardless of age, ability, system, or experience. This project was conceived by Mark Della-Croce in 2019, who began development through a joint venture with Andromeda. After completing the first phase of Alpha testing in November 2020, Mark officially joined the Andromeda team in January 2021, adding Lore Link to the Andromeda constellation of products, alongside FlexePark and Queue Saver. Lore Link is being developed under the guidance of an advisory board and with input from 11 game masters, including Andromeda Stars Martine Dowden, Michael Dowden, and Mark Della-Croce.

Lore Link came together out of the realization that despite the many digital tools produced for TTRPGs to support players and online game play, digital tools for Game Masters (GMs) don’t really exist. This leaves the GMs who run these games switching constantly between notebooks, websites, modules, and rule books, while trying to organize and coordinate a complex interactive fiction. Further research also revealed that the tools that do exist are often either too complex or too simplistic, as well as failing to meet the standards of accessibility. Mark used these realizations, along with his many years of playing and running TTRPGs, to design Lore Link as an accessible, approachable tool for GMs. Look for a public Beta release of Lore Link later in 2021. To support the project and get updates, sign up for the newsletter at or follow them on Twitter at @LoreLinkRPG

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