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Andromeda launches Queue Saver, a Social Distancing Solution App
New app helps businesses manage onsite maximum capacity

Indy startup tech company, Andromeda LLC, launched today a progressive web application, Queue Saver — a simple tool to handle maximum capacity in response to the current need for social distancing.

“Occupancy caps protect employees and clients during this pandemic,” said Marc Ebtinger, Andromeda co-founder. “Max occupancy is the law in Connecticut and Indiana, and is implemented by many stores. Queue Saver monitors the number of customers at a location and allows them to wait in a virtual line using their phone once the capacity is met.”

Customers use a QR code or weblink to immediately get in line and without the need for an app download. With its simple interface, businesses can set their maximum occupancy and grant access to patrons in a queue.

To help with the current crisis, Queue Saver will be free through July 1. Basic subscription will be $20 per month after July 1.

Andromeda has received international recognition for the creation of other patent-pending progressive web apps. One of which is FlexePark, a shared parking solution. Queue Saver is Andromeda’s fourth problem-solving tech product — with the promise of more to come.

“Queue Saver is launching this week, just in time to comply with social distancing recommendations. This gives companies the ability to set occupancy at a level that makes them comfortable,” said Ebtinger. “Businesses minimize staff exposure and customers avoid staying outside in line.”

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