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Andromeda Galactic Founders speaking at TDevConf 2021
Martine and Michael Dowden giving two talks each at TDevConf 2021

Andromeda Galactic CTO Martine Dowden and CEO Michael Dowden will be presenting at the Tennessee Developer Conference (TDevConf) on November 5th. Martine has worked as an artist, educator, and consultant since 2005. Michael is an international keynote speaker, president of FlexePark, and CTO of They’re both authors of Programming Languages ABC++, Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success, and Architecting CSS: The Programmer’s Guide to Effective Stylesheets.

Martine’s talk, Architecting for Accessibility, will discuss how to make applications accessible, and how to integrate the testing into your workflow. She will cover what questions to ask when getting started, how to read and understand specifications, and how it affects the development cycle. Her other talk, Baking My Cake and Eating it Too: What baking taught me about development, will discuss how baking is similar to web development, and how the choices developers make in baking can help them make better architectural and planning decisions regarding their development projects. She’s speaking at 9:00 am and 11:30 am EST.

Michael's talk, Hosted, Not Served, will discuss how static websites, SPA, or PWA can be deployed on low cost, world-class hosting using just a single command, without the need for servers. He will dive deep into the features of Firebase Hosting, using examples derived from real-world experience. During Michael’s other talk, From Horror Story to Fairy Tale, attendees can expect to learn about the importance of empathy when writing code, and how this impacts inclusivity. He’ll cover examples of poor naming, obfuscated logic, and other anti-patterns and will go over tips for writing code that people want to read. Michael will be speaking at 10:10 am and 1:40 pm EST.

This free event is running 7 virtual meetup events over 8 hours. Each Track will be given a specific link to join and everyone is encouraged to bounce between sessions. This concept was born out of Nashville, and after working with the Nashville User Group Leader and the Memphis User group leader, they were able to put their ideas into motion.

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