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Andromeda Founders Speaking at Code PaLOUsa
Will be giving multiple presentations for the event’s 10th year

Andromeda founders Martine and Michael Dowden will be giving multiple presentations at Code PaLOUsa, a multi-day software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development. Code PaLOUsa 2021 will be held online, August 18th - 20th.

On Wednesday, August 18, at 9 am EDT, Google Developer Experts Martine and Michael will be giving an all-day workshop Playing with Fire: Build a Web Application with Firebase. Attendees will learn about Firebase while they build and launch their own messaging application.

On Thursday, August 19, at 11 am EDT, Martine will present Everyday Accessibility, in which she explains how to implement Accessibility in everyday communications in order to make the world more welcoming to everyone. At 2:45 pm EDT, Michael will present Winning as the Home Team, explaining how to be successful in a work from home environment, and making software teams work well when distributed.

On Friday, August 20, at 11 am EDT, Martine will present Moving Beyond Pretty: Making deliberate design choices, where she discusses principles of design and ties this into building software, including user experience and accessibility.

This event will be held on Hopin, the online platform, but is headquartered in Louisville, KY. The first Code PaLOUsa event was held in 2011, and has been held every year since. Michael first attended in 2012, and first spoke in 2013. Martine first attended in 2015, and first spoke in 2017. This event is being sponsored by Bastian Solutions, Progress, and Slingshot. The event is open to all software developers, and attendees should expect world-class workshops and presentations covering a wide range of topics.

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