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Andromeda Founders Speak at Scenic City Summit
They discussed typography and empathy in writing code at online event

Andromeda founders Martine and Michael Dowden spoke at the Scenic City Summit, an online conference on September 24th, 2021.

Martine Dowden’s talk, Type-setting in CSS: Using typography to enhance your design, covered the history of typography leading up to where we are today, how to make decisions about fonts and their usage in out application, and the CSS properties that allow us to manipulate our type for a polished beautiful design. Michael’s talk, From Horror Story to Fairy Tale: Writing code people want to read, discussed the importance of empathy when writing code, and the impact this can have on inclusivity.

Scenic City Summit started in 2016 as a community developer conference held at the Engineering, Math, and Computer Science building. Since then it has moved to the Chattanooga Convention Center and expanded the content to include data science, cloud and DevOps, UX/UI, and other topics to make SCS an event for technical professionals throughout the region.

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