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Andromeda Founders Have a Busy September
Martine and Michael Dowden speaking at multiple conferences

September of 2023 is going to be busy with Andromeda Founders Martine and Michael Dowden speaking at multiple conferences. First, on September 19th, Martine Dowden will be giving her talk, I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Framework: Mastering Shadow DOM, at 9:30 am Eastern at the JavaScript Global Summit. Martine describes her talk saying, “Want to create components that work regardless of the front-end framework you are using? Tired of throwing away your components when you change front-end frameworks? Wish you could just code it once and reuse it on all of your projects? Me too! Components are a staple of front-end development as they increase development speed, consistency, and reduce the need for repeat code. To create components often we turn to frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue but we don't need to. Using nothing more than HTML and Javascript that is readily available to us in all modern browsers we can create components that work without being tied to any one front-end framework. You will walk away with the knowledge you need to go forth and create your own components, understand how to make them look gorgeous, and what if any limitations there are. Also, find out how you can bring back the blink tag!”

An award winning CTO, UX / UI Designer & Developer, International Speaker, and author, Martine focuses on web interfaces that are beautiful, functional, accessible, and usable. Martine approaches user experience from both art and science, drawing from her degrees in psychology and visual communications. She has worked as an developer, artist, educator, and consultant since 2005. Currently, she is the CTO at Andromeda Galactic Solutions where she continues to learn, work on, and share her passion for front end development.

Then, on September 25th through the 28th, Michael Dowden will be in New York City for DevOpsCon and the International JavaScript Conference. On the 26th from 2:45-3:30 PM Eastern, he will be giving the talk Go Live: Releasing Software to Your Users at DevOpsCon. Of this talk, Michael says, “In DevOps, we spend a lot of time discussing the best way to deploy software and the various ways to monitor our deployed application. But sometimes, we overlook the release process. When we release software, we’re not so much performing an engineering task as we are supporting a business function with technical expertise. In this talk, we’ll break down some of the objectives of release along with the corresponding product and business activities and how we can leverage DevOps to support them. We’ll talk about the importance of UX and how our approach to releases can impact our users.”

Finally, on Wednesday September 27th, Michael will be giving a talk at the International Javascript Conference. There, he will be presenting Practical Examples of Time Zone in Typescript from 4:00-4:45 PM Eastern. Michael describes this talk as follows, “From planning international travel to ordering a pizza, time zones affect us all. If your software displays dates and times to users, at some point in time, you’ll need to deal with time zones. Your server, the user, and their location of interest can all be in different timezones making this tricky, especially if your data isn’t normalized. This talk will use working code examples in TypeScript to show ways to represent time and handle time zones, uses of the JavaScript Date object, and Luxon date-time library. We’ll also introduce Temporal, the upcoming ECMAScript standard. The examples will be based on my experience building applications in parking, scheduling, and logistics with complex requirements for date and time representation, and I look forward to sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.” Michael is an international keynote speaker, Sr Engineering Manager at LegalZoom, and founder of Andromeda Galactic Solutions and FlexePark. As a leader with 30 years in the technology industry, he has worked alongside more than 100 companies to build human-centered solutions. Michael is a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft MVP, and is the author of Programming Languages ABC++, Approachable Accessibility, and Architecting CSS.

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