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Andromeda Founders Give Workshop at Enterprise NG
Martine & Michael Dowden provide training at enterprise technology conference

Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founders Martine Dowden and Michael Dowden are running an all-day workshop at Enterprise NG entitled Build for Accessibility with Angular. This workshop is an angular-focused technical training focused on enterprise adoption of accessibility practices.

Enterprise NG builds on the ng-conf tradition of large and successful events focused on Angular technology by becoming the first large-scale Angular event to focus specifically on enterprise development. As with all ng-conf events, Enterprise NG aims to be a positive and inclusive gathering place where learning can take place and ideas can be freely exchanged.

By giving training on Accessibility, Martine & Michael are pursuing their own passion while following both the Andromeda mission and Enterprise NG goal of building a community that welcomes everyone. This workshop provides hands-on instruction that builds on their book Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success, published in 2019 by Apress.

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