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Andromeda Founder Speaks at Berlin Conferences
CEO Michael Dowden speaks at three conferences in Berlin, Germany

Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founder & CEO, Michael Dowden, is scheduled to speak at Serverless Architecture Conference, API Conference, and DevOps Conference in Berlin, Germany on October 13 & 14. Due to travel restrictions Dowden will be addressing the audience remotely. Both the Serverless Architecture and API Conferences moved to an online format, while the DevOps conference moved to a hybrid format, with both speakers and attendees joining in a mix of physical and virtual presence. All three conferences are run by Software & Support Media.

“I joined the hybrid Serverless event in The Hague, Netherlands this year and was extremely pleased with how well the conference ran,” said Dowden. “This has been a challenging year for conferences and S&S Media has done a fantastic job keeping their conferences engaging for remote speakers and attendees.”

Dowden’s three talks cover a variety of technology topics related to services offered by Andromeda, including Leadership, Remote Agile Development, and API Integrations. Developers interested in attending these conferences can get tickets on their respective websites.

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