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Andromeda Founder Gives Keynote at DevSpace Conference
CEO Michael Dowden invited to speak at online technology conference

Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founder & CEO, Michael Dowden, gave a keynote presentation for the DevSpace Technical Conference. The conference is a not-for-profit headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, but this year’s conference was held online via Twitch.

To help this year’s DevSpace conference stand out from all the other online events, they hosted a keynote-only event with hand-picked technology speakers who were asked to present on a topic important to them.

“I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to talk about something that wouldn’t necessarily fly at many technology conferences,” said Dowden. “I wanted to share a message of ethics and accessibility in a way that technologists would appreciate, with an appeal to remember the people impacted by the technology we build.”

Dowden’s talk, titled simply “Pants,” was a pun-driven analogy comparing opportunity and oppression to one’s relationship with this ubiquitous article of clothing. One conference attendee had this to say: “It not only was full of countless pants puns, but actually had an amazing message of accessibility and consciousness of others as tech people.”

As a free event, this year’s DevSpace conference doubled as a fundraiser for the non-profit organization. Donations are still being accepted through the conference website.

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