Michael Dowden Speaking at Serverless Architecture Conference and API Conference He will give two talks, “Winning as the Home Team,” and “Hosted, not Served”

Andromeda Galactic founder and CEO Michael Dowden is speaking at the Serverless Architecture Conference and the API Conference in Berlin, Germany. Michael is an international keynote speaker, President of FlexePark, and CTO of Catipult.ai. As a leader with almost 30 years in the technology industry, he has worked alongside more than 100 companies to build human-centered solutions. Michael is a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft MVP, and is the author of Programming Languages ABC++, Approachable Accessibility, and Architecting CSS.

Winning as the Home Team will be presented to both conference audiences, on October 12, 5:00 pm CEST. This talk will break down the processes of building software together as a team, and show how things change when you are no longer sharing the same room. Attendees will learn about the practices and tools one company uses to successfully run remote-only software projects, with developers that work from home. From leadership styles, to meeting schedules, to coding practices, Michael will get into specifics about what it takes to be a winning team when everyone is working from home. In addition, there will be a comparison between working from home in 2019 and 2020.

Hosted, Not Served will be presented only to the Serverless Conference Audience, on October 13, at 4:45pm CEST. He will discuss how your static website, SPA, or PWA can be deployed on low cost, world-class hosting using just a single command, without the need for servers. This talk will dive deep into the features of Firebase Hosting, using concrete examples derived from real-world experience. You will learn about deploy and rollback, multi-site deploys, custom domains, security and cache management, and custom URL management.

In addition to his two talks, Michael is on the Advisory Board of the Serverless conference.

About Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founded in 2015, Andromeda Galactic Solutions has a mission to facilitate connections between people in an ethical, accessible way, using technology when necessary. The company was created to address community issues through a unique combination of technology and services, believing that sustainable companies should generate net social gain with every product and service offered. You may learn more about Andromeda on their website, AndromedaGalactic.com.


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