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Andromeda Founder Receives a second GDE award
Michael Dowden is now an Expert in Firebase and Web Technologies

In late 2023, Andromeda Galactic Solutions co-founder Michael Dowden was informed that his Google Developer Expert Program membership as a Firebase expert had been extended through 2024. As of February 16th, 2024, Michael has also been recognized as a GDE on Web Technologies GDE (including PWA & Project Fugu). This has been partly thanks to his continuing work speaking at conferences, publishing content, and mentoring fellow developers and companies.

Michael is a technology leader with over 30 years of experience in software development, working alongside more than 100 companies during his career to build human-centered solutions. As an international and keynote speaker he has spoken on every continent covering a wide range of technology topics including Serverless Architecture, Accessibility, and User Experience. Michael is the author of Programming Languages ABC++, Approachable Accessibility, and Architecting CSS, and is honored to have been recognized as a Google Developer Expert and Microsoft MVP. Find his public speaking profile at

The Google Developer Experts program is a community of distinguished professionals, developers, and thought leaders changing the world through technology. Experts share a wide range of expertise, skills, and passions with other developers and tech communities. Connect with professionals, share best practices, and learn from one another!

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