Andromeda Founders Give Workshop at Enterprise NG Martine & Michael Dowden provide training at enterprise technology conference

Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founders Martine Dowden and Michael Dowden are running an all-day workshop at Enterprise NG entitled Build for Accessibility with Angular. This workshop is an angular-focused technical training focused on enterprise adoption of accessibility practices.

Enterprise NG builds on the ng-conf tradition of large and successful events focused on Angular technology by becoming the first large-scale Angular event to focus specifically on enterprise development. As with all ng-conf events, Enterprise NG aims to be a positive and inclusive gathering place where learning can take place and ideas can be freely exchanged.

By giving training on Accessibility, Martine & Michael are pursuing their own passion while following both the Andromeda mission and Enterprise NG goal of building a community that welcomes everyone. This workshop provides hands-on instruction that builds on their book Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success, published in 2019 by Apress.

About Andromeda Galactic Solutions

Founded in 2015, Andromeda has a mission to facilitate connections between people in an ethical, accessible way, using technology when necessary. The company was created to address community issues through a unique combination of technology and services, believing that sustainable companies should generate net social gain with every product and service offered. Visit false for more information.

About Enterprise NG

Enterprise NG is aimed at helping Angular enterprise leaders succeed in transforming their organizations by adopting principles and practices that will put them ahead of this rapidly-changing industry. The conference’s goal is to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and deploy software faster and win in the marketplace. The organizers are motivated by helping people, all people, be successful and to have fun while doing it. Visit to buy tickets or get involved.


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