Additional Monthly Parking Options in Bloomington FlexePark is a shared parking app by Andromeda Galactic Solutions

FlexePark, an Indianapolis-based shared parking web app, offering zero-contact & monthly parking options around central Indiana, has opened its newest lot.

Located at 717 N College Ave. in Bloomington, adjacent to Station 11, the new lot has 20 parking spaces for $4/day from 6:00am - 5:00am. Monthly parking is available for $100/month. FlexePark has five additional locally-partnered lots in Bloomington within a few blocks of downtown.

To park, drivers scan a QR code found on a FlexePark sign and securely pay a flat parking fee from their mobile device. For those looking for minimal personal contact, FlexePark offers a safer solution than touching parking meters or exchanging payment with lot attendants.

FlexePark was developed by Andromeda Galactic Solutions to address the lack of public parking options in metro areas. Through FlexePark, local businesses — many of which are emerging from a closed economy — generate extra income by making their unused parking available to the community outside of business hours.

FlexePark and its patent-pending technology has been recognized as a finalist for the 2020 & 2019 Parking Today Awards, 2020 & 2019 TechPoint Mira Awards, and 2019 Leading City AcceliCITY program.

About FlexePark

FlexePark is a user-friendly solution to the lack of parking in crowded areas that turns normally unavailable space into available, affordable, and reservable parking. Unlike other shared parking options, Flexepark focuses on usability and accessibility by enabling users to secure spots without touching a parking meter, downloading an app, trading money with a lot attendant, or reserving parking spots in advance. Learn more at

About Andromeda Galactic Solutions

Founded in 2015, Andromeda was created to address community issues through a unique combination of technology and services, believing that sustainable companies should generate net social gain with every product and service offered. Its philanthropic investments include participating in Extra Life and Eleven Fifty Academy. Visit for more information.

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