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Your website is your online storefront, the digital representation of your product or business to the entire world. You deserve a website that is fast, reliable, and accessible. One where you can publish content with confidence and know that all of your visitors will have a great experience.

At Andromeda we can work with you to build the website you want. One that can showcase your brand, products, and services to your customers. Every website we build takes web accessibility into consideration from the very beginning along with user experience to ensure that you can serve the widest possible audience. Here is a performance and accessibility report from a website we've built:

Lighthouse report showing results for Performance 100, Accessibility 100, Best Practices 100, SEO 100.

What does this mean to you? You may have heard of Core Web Vitals, which is becoming a key metric for website indexing by search engines. This is a measure of the speed of your website and also of the experience your visitors may have while browsing. This is just one way we help you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When you hire Andromeda you not only get a new website, but you get our design and development expertise and the use of our very own Content Management System, Ignition.


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Ignition is a headless CMS that runs on Google Firebase, designed with both developers and content administrators in mind. Developers can use our command line tools or the Firebase SDK to export data to both static and mobile applications. Content authors use our accessible management interface to write and edit their content. Your content is stored securely in Cloud Firestore while the images and other downloadable assets are stored in Cloud Storage.

Ignition supports fully customizable schemas which are configurable for Layouts, Pages, and Collections. This gives your developers and content designers the most flexibility while keeping the creation and maintenance of information as simple as possible with minimal duplication. Create your own custom workflows to decide how and when information gets moved into different environments. Invite your entire team to create, edit, and publish content.


Want to learn more or get a demo of our Ignition CMS? Contact us below.

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