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Martine Dowden Receives GDE Award in Firebase
Andromeda Galactic CTO recognized for expertise in the Firebase platform

Andromeda Founder and CTO Martine Dowden has received a new Google Developer Expert award in Firebase. Martine is already recognized in Angular and Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools), and is adding on Firebase as of June 2023. Firebase is an app development platform that helps you create and grow applications. It includes a number of features that help developers build, release, and monitor their projects as well as tools to engage with their users.

In order to be recognized as a Google Developer Expert, developers need to meet eligibility criteria, be technical experts, and help others learn through advice, mentorship, and speaking at conferences in their subject area. In addition to those criteria, they must be referred to the program by either a Google employee or another Google Developer expert, before they go through a multi-stage evaluation process. Once all of these criteria have been met, and the applicant makes it through the process, they are recognized by Google as an expert in that subject area.

Focusing on web interfaces that are beautiful, functional, accessible, and usable, she approaches User Experience from both Art and Science, drawing from her degrees in Psychology and Visual Communications. Martine has worked as an artist, educator, and consultant since 2005. She stays active in the industry, teaching developers at a coding academy, attending and speaking at conferences and meetups. In 2015 Martine published a children's book Programming Languages ABC++, and in 2016 the Workbook Edition sold over 20,000 copies. She then went on to write Approachable Accessibility: Planning for Success which was released in June 2019, Architecting CSS: The Programmer’s Guide to Effective Stylesheets in 2020 and Tiny CSS Projects in 2023.

About The Google Developers Experts Program The Google Developers Experts program is a global network of highly experienced technology experts, influencers, and thought leaders who actively support developers, companies, and tech communities by speaking at events and publishing content. These professionals actively contribute to and support the developer and startup ecosystems around the world, helping them build and launch highly innovative apps. Nearly 700 Experts represent 18+ Google technologies around the world!

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