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Extra Life Fundraiser to Benefit Riley Hospital for Children
Andromeda Galactic hosts live-streamed fundraiser for Riley Hospital for Children

Thanks to Extra Life's fundraising platform Andromeda Galactic Solutions was able to raise funds online for Riley Hospital for Children in Indiana. Extra Life fundraising allows gamers to play games online to help heal kids. Throughout the month of August 2020, Extra Life has been celebrating #ExtraLifeTabletop with Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend meant the entire weekend was full of people streaming analog game play. To kick off the weekend, people gathered 8:00 pm EDT on Friday, August 21st, 2020 for the live-streamed fundraising event. The technology used to bring the fundraiser to the public was Twitch.

Andromeda team members chose to play the tabletop game "Roll Player" for this fundraiser. Each player raised donations through sponsorships.

Said Andromeda Galactic CEO, Michael Dowden, "We have a number of gamers on our team, including me, and we really enjoy playing board games together. It is my hope that our gaming streams help by raising money for the kids, but also that they provide some entertainment and bring a smile to those who join us online."

The team has been doing monthly game streams for several months, with a goal of playing 24 hours of games. In 2019 the team raised $1873.00 and streamed games for nearly 40 straight hours. All donations raised through Extra Life fund the life-saving work of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals located all across North America. This month, Andromeda Galactic Solutions matched charitable contributions raised by team members. The company was able to raise a total of $582 during Tabletop Appreciation Weekend, bringing their 2020 total to $1,236. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals will treat over 10 million kids this year alone. Andromeda Galactic Solutions is proud to support their nationwide network of hospitals.

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