A shared parking solution, FlexePark can help communities repurpose existing pavement and save taxpayer dollars. Rather than closing their parking lots after hours, area businesses can leverage the power of FlexePark to open those valuable parking spaces to anyone who needs them simply by switching their "No Parking" signs to FlexePark signs. It’s a win for FlexePark customers and for businesses, too!

There is no need to download a mobile app in order to park. Customers scan a QR on the parking sign or visit flexepark.com to enter the lot's unique code. Most lots have a low, flat parking fee, and customers can choose to pay in a number of electronic methods.

The parking management console is simple for businesses to use - with abilities to monitor users, issue warnings or tickets, and offer coupons and specials to promote their businesses. They receive a percentage of all parking sales as additional income and earnings.