Michael Dowden to Give Two Talks at DevOpsCon Berlin See Michael Dowden in-person at DevOpsCon Berlin from June 20th - 22nd

Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founder and CEO Michael Dowden will be speaking in-person at the 2022 DevOpsCon Berlin. This conference is also a hybrid conference. Michael will be giving two talks, Thriving in Chaos, and Code Automation with Bitbucket. He will also be in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session: CI/CD, GitOps & Co, along with two other speakers, where you can discuss anything related to CI/CD, GitOps & Co.

Michael Dowden’s first talk, Thriving in Chaos, will be given on Monday, June 20, 2022 at 11:45am (GMT +2) (5:45am EDT). Companies might proudly display their core values, but do they model them when chaos strikes? Hear how a company with a mission to center people in product development thrived during a global pandemic. Building policies and practices that reinforce a company’s core values facilitates project and client success, while maintaining team morale and engagement. Learn tips for communication, collaboration, ethics, inclusivity, accessibility, and humanity that will help your team thrive.

Michael’s second talk, Code Automation with Bitbucket, will run from 17:15-18:00 (GMT+2) (11:15am EDT). As developers we like the speed and consistency of code automation, but we don’t always want a lot of complex infrastructure to maintain. Fortunately for us, Bitbucket is essentially an automation engine sitting on top of Git, which is both powerful and easy to use. From custom branching models and workflow automation, to Pipelines, CI/CD and automation can be added to your projects today. In this talk, he’ll show specific scenarios, including: linting & testing on every branch, pushing from Bitbucket to GitHub, building & deploying to Firebase, automatically updating Jira, and sending notifications to Slack. To get tickets for either online or in-person, and to get more information about the conference, click here: https://devopscon.io/berlin/program-berlin/

About Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founded in 2015, Andromeda Galactic Solutions has a mission to facilitate connections between people in an ethical, accessible way, using technology when necessary. The company was created to address community issues through a unique combination of technology and services, believing that sustainable companies should generate net social gain with every product and service offered. You may learn more about Andromeda on their website, AndromedaGalactic.com.

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