Developer on Fire - Autonomy and People

Our founder Michael Dowden talks with Dave Rael of Developer on Fire about business, people, writing, speaking, and lifestyle design.

Listen to the podcast on Developer on Fire: Episode 377 | Michael Dowden - Autonomy and People

Covered topics:

  •  - A changing and changed focus from technology to people
  •  - How Michael got started in software
  •  - The value of degrees
  •  - Multiple foci and staying Michael on staying in programming
  •  - Michael, the conference speaker
  •  - Michael's experience with being an author
  •  - Michael's lifestyle and businesses
  •  - The joy of board games and prioritizing activities you enjoy
  •  - Michael's story of failure - a filed startup and the emotional explosion of not communicating a valuing of opinions
  •  - Michael's book recommendations
  •  - Prioritizing lifestyle over tasks and achievements
  •  - Michael's success story - finishing a book, autonomy of time, and shifting from things to people
  •  - Achieving autonomous liberty
  •  - Michael's top 3 tips for delivering more value


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