Andromeda Founders to Speak at DevSpace Conference Join Martine and Michael Dowden as they discuss a variety of different topics

Martine and Michael Dowden will be speaking at the DevSpace Technical Conference on September 9th and 10th. This not-for-profit event, held by DevSpace Technical Conference, will stream live on Twitch. The event is sponsored by Novation Systems and Andromeda Galactic Solutions.

The DevSpace Technical Conference has been held since 2015 and Michael first spoke at the online event in 2020. This free event is geared toward anyone interested in software development, technology, or team leadership.

Michael’s talk, Winning as the Home Team, will break down the processes of building software together as a team, and show how things change when you are no longer sharing the same room. He will discuss everything from leadership styles, to meeting schedules, to coding practices. He will get into the specifics of what it takes to be a winning team when everyone is working from home, and how working from home today is different then in 2019. This talk will be streaming on Thursday, September 9th, at 11:15 AM Central on Twitch.

Martine’s talk, Type-setting in CSS: Using Typography to Enhance Your Design, will discuss the history of typography leading up to where we are today, how to make decisions about fonts and their usage in our application, and the CSS properties that allow us to manipulate our type for a polished beautiful design. Join Martine on Twitch at 8:45 AM Central on Friday, September 10th.

The DevSpace Technical Conference is free to watch, and you can join either talk here and learn more about this conference and talks given here

About the DevSpace Conference DevSpace is an annual developer’s conference that takes place in Huntsville, Alabama. Technological interests run the gamut of every language, and DevSpace aims to cater to this entire atmosphere. DevSpace offers talks on a variety of languages, offering attendees the ability to improve their skills within their daily technology of choice and the ability to become familiar with new technologies.

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