Andromeda Founders Speaking at Code PaLOUsa 2022 Will be giving multiple presentations for this year's event

Andromeda Galactic founders Martine and Michael Dowden will be giving multiple presentations at Code PaLOUsa, a multi-day software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development. Code PaLOUsa 2022 will be held in Louisville, KY on August 17th-19th.

On Thursday, August 18th at 11:30 AM Eastern, Michael Dowden will be giving his talk, Implementing Authorization Models in Firebase. This talk will introduce two standard authorization models, ACL (Access Control List) and RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), and show how to implement these in both Realtime Database and Firestore using security rules. Not only will you learn how to enforce these rules, but also how to use Cloud Functions to manage the rules securely. Then at 3:15 PM Eastern, Martine Dowden will be presenting Clearing CSS Float of its Bad Reputation. In this talk, she will compare old and new techniques to handle misbehaving floats, discuss how to create drop caps, and wrap text around CSS shapes.

On Friday, August 19th at 12:45 Eastern, Martine will give her second talk of the conference, Unit Testing Angular Reactive Forms, which takes a look at some of the unit tests that can be written against a reactive form written Angular to validate that it does in fact behave the way you intend it to. Then to round out the day, Michael will be giving his second presentation, The Serverless Company, at 4:30 PM Eastern. This talk covers his experience running a remote-first, pure-serverless organization since 2015.

This event will be held both in person and online, with the physical conference happening at the Hyatt Regency Louisville, and the online conference hosted by Hopin. The first Code PaLOUsa event was held in 2011 and has been held every year since. Michael first attended in 2012, and first spoke in 2013. Martine first attended in 2015, and first spoke in 2017. The event is open to all software developers, and attendees should expect world-class workshops and presentations covering a wide range of topics.

About Code PaLOUsa Code PaLOUsa is a multi-day software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of the technology stack. The conference schedule features presentations from well-known professionals in the software development community. The conference also features exhibitor virtual booths where leading software development companies come to interact with attendees to show off their latest wares.

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