Andromeda Founders Achieve Microsoft MVP for Third Year Martine Dowden and Michael Dowden awarded Microsoft MVP in Developer Technology

Andromeda Galactic Solutions founders Martine Dowden and Michael Dowden each received their 3rd consecutive Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award in Developer Technology. They first received this award in 2019, and have continued to earn it in 2020 and 2021.

As well as working as Andromeda’s CTO, Martine Dowden is an artist, designer, and a developer focusing on UX and accessibility. Michael Dowden is the CEO of Andromeda, Product Architect for FlexePark, an International Speaker, and a Google Developer Expert in Firebase. They are the authors of Programming Languages ABC++, Approachable Accessibility, and Architecting CSS.

The Microsoft MVP Award is more than two decades old and is awarded each year to outstanding leaders who share their knowledge with the community. They have knowledge of Microsoft products and services and bring together diverse platforms, products, and solutions to solve real problems. MVPs are a global community spread across 90 countries/regions making up over 4,000 experts.

About Andromeda Galactic Solutions Founded in 2015, Andromeda Galactic Solutions has a mission to facilitate connections between people in an ethical, accessible way, using technology when necessary. The company was created to address community issues through a unique combination of technology and services, believing that sustainable companies should generate net social gain with every product and service offered. You may learn more about Andromeda on their website,

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