Andromeda Co-Founders to Speak at Code PaLOUsa

Andromeda Galactic Solutions announces co-founders Martine and Michael Dowden will be speaking at Code PaLOUsa 2020. This year's tech conference will take place in a virtual environment. It is based out of Louisville, Kentucky. The virtual event will take place August 19th - 21st and will be their third time speaking at the conference since 2017. This year Andromeda is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of this technology event.

Martine Dowden will deliver 3 talks throughout the conference relating to her work in CSS, design, and accessibility. Michael Dowden will present 2 talks during the conference about writing software on serverless platforms.

Technologists and those interested in technology may register for the conference on their website. Attendees will have access to the content afterward so they may watch the recorded talks after the event ends.

Code PaLOUSa continues offering valuable content to the developer community throughout the year in their speaker series. Hear great conversations and get education by listening as Code PaLOUSa founder Chad Green talks to leaders in the tech community. Learn more at

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About Code PaLOUsa

Code PaLOUsa 2020 is a software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development, featuring presentations from well-known professionals in the software development community. This is the tenth year for Code PaLOUsa, taking the limitations of in-person conferences during a global pandemic and adapting to provide benefits that would not be otherwise available to participants. For tickets and more information visit

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